is the sales platform for real estate from the portfolios of the clients and cooperation partners of our multi-family office Lusitano.Partners 

We operate from offices in Lisbon, Berlin and Macau and branches in New York and Hongkong. Lusitano.Partners represent a handful of clients we have built a trustful longterm relationship with and advise them with their investments in real estate, art or other corporate investments. 

Most of our clients are individuals, families or foundations, but we work with funds or institutional investor as well. 

We advise our clients through all phases of their investments, from the initial approach through the asset management until the exit. 

With our expertise in real estate in general, and specifically in the Portuguese and German real estate market, we seek and find the right residential, commercial or investment properties for our clients.


Transparency, professionalism, discretion and loyalty are our milestones on the common path with our clients and partners.

No matter if you plan the purchase of a permanent or holiday home, or if you want to invest in real estate: we put together the right team for our clients to ensure the long-term success of the investment in the areas of finance, taxes, law, asset management and refurbishment or construction.


Three partners and a team whose expertise and professionalism result from very different career paths and who bundle their experience, their respective network and know-how with Lusitano.Partners in order to realise optimal results for their clients.

With more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of real estate, art and corporate investments we have built up a resilient, extensive network that spans the USA, Europe and China. 

Janine Pereira de Almeida

Lisbon, Berlin, Macau

Thomas Falk

Lisbon, Berlin, Macau

Marc J. Flohr

Lisbon, Macau

Inês Nascimento



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