Portugal’s Golden Visa Program — also known as the Residence Permit Program —  is a five-year residency-by-investment scheme for non-EU nationals. The scheme grants qualifying investors and their family members the right to live, work and study in Portugal and permits free movement in Europe’s Schengen Area. 

Investment requirements for the Portugal Golden Visa:

  • €   250.000 minimum investment in national heritage, arts, and culture

  • €   280.000 minimum investment amount for properties over 30 years old, scheduled for rehabilitation or in low-density areas

  • €   350.000 minimum amount of investment required in research, investment funds, existing businesses or real estate (over 30 years old and scheduled for rehabilitation in urban areas)

  • €   400.000 minimum investment in real estate in low-density areas

  • €   500.000 minimum investment in new properties in urban areas

  • €1.000.000 minimum amount of capital transfer to Portugal to qualify for the Golden Visa program

  • 10 is the number of jobs the investor must generate to qualify for the Golden Visa through the creation of a business.

  • The minimum age to apply for the Golden Visa is 18 years old

  • To apply for Portuguese citizenship via the Golden Visa, the person must hold their investment for 5 years at least

  • 7 days on average is the minimum stay that the applicant must spend in Portugal to maintain the Golden Visa in the first year, followed by 14 days in the subsequent years (consecutively or non-consecutively) in Portugal.

  • 20% is the value of the reduced tax rate for those who participate in the Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime.

  • 26 is the number of European countries belonging to the Schengen Zone to which the Golden Visa holder receives free access

  • 90 days is the maximum processing time for the Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa Statistics for October 2020

  • In October 2020, 54 residence permits were authorized by SEF

  • In October 2020, 20 permits were issued to people with Chinese nationality.

  • A total of 72 family members were rewarded with residence permits.

  • Portugal’s Golden Visa Program saw a whopping  €28 677 976,56 in October with investments.

Interestingly, the Portugal Golden Visa €350K renovations option is becoming more and more popular, with 28% of investors choosing this option so far this year. Meanwhile, the €350K Venture Capital/Investment Fund option is also proving popular, having attracted this year 28 investors compared to the seven it drew in the whole of last year. While buying a €500K property continues to hold esteem, other investment routes are gaining traction.

Interested to know more about the investment routes the Portugal Golden Visa offers? Check out our guide to investing in Portugal for citizenship here


Portugal Golden Visa Facts and Statistics

  • Since October, 2012, over € 5 561 148 504,40 in funds was invested for the Portugal Golden Visa.

  • Since October 2020, €5 024 143 280,52  was attributed to a real estate investment

  • 9,254 investors and 15,864 family members have benefited from the Portugal Golden Visa.

  • 8,702, 90% of Golden Visa Portugal applications, were done through a real estate investment.

  • 535 Golden Visa were granted for Capital Transfer investors

  • A Portuguese passport grants you visa-free travel to 185 countries.

  • As of 2018, in terms of top residency-by-investment programs, Portugal is positioned 6th in the world, second only to Spain and Quebec.

  • While the Chinese remain the largest single applicant cohort, their share of the program is decreasing as other nationalities are applying for the program too.

Portugal ranking statistics

  • Portugal is ranked first as the best country in Europe for expats

  • Ranked number one in the world for its best master’s degree in information management

  • Ranked number one as the best travel destination in Europe

  • Ranked 3rd as the safest country  in Europe

  • Portugal ranks 4th in terms of its passport benefits for nomads and global citizens

  • Portugal is in fifth place as the world’s most powerful passport, alongside Austria and the Netherlands

  • Portugal is ranked 6th in terms of being one of the cheapest countries in Europe

  • Portugal is ranked 9th in terms of the country with the lowest organized crimes

  • Portugal comes in 10th place in the ranking of the world’s best democracies

  • Portugal is ranked as 11th in terms of being one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world

  • Ranked as 12th for having the best healthcare system in the world

  • Ranked 17th in terms of the quality of life it provides to its residents

  • Ranked 21st in terms of its infrastructure quality

  • Portugal ranks in 21st place for its life expectancy standards

  • Portugal comes in 27th place for its quality of education

  • Portugal comes in 28th place for its institutional transparency



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